The Enema as an Erotic Art and Its History

By David Barton-Jay

The Enema was the first curative medical measure known to humans, discovered in the animal kingdom by the Ibis bird, artfully documented in this massterpiece on this esoteric subject.

And long before the Victorian’s had such erotic fun with the very private procedure, it had become a pleasurable passtime centuries before.

The Enema is the most significant source of sexual energy in the life of David Barton-Jay, and is responsible for his rarest moments of purest gratification.

For him, since before puberty and continuing to this day, the enema holds within its powerful swell an almost magical potential for pleasure.

Beginning with a beautifully illustrated look into his experience as a young boy, the book discloses many of his most private thoughts, and those of countless thousands of others. It is designed to inform, to entertain, and to satisfy readers of all sexual persuasions.

The elaborate volume contains 144 illustrations and 130 photographs and weighs over 2 pounds presenting the enema's penetrating history and its erotic allure in both fact and fiction.

It discusses the aspect of healthfulness, depicts the broad range of related paraphernalia, and details the methodology with acute sensitivity.

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