The Enema as an Erotic Art & Its History

by David Barton-Jay

BUTT FIRST, A Few Reviews:

"...Barton-Jay's book has nothing to do with scat...What the book is about is being filled--not in fantasy, as in "Oh-hot-baby-fill-me-with-your-come" (our lovers never have the quarts of come we want to think they have), but rather softly filled with water until the pressure siezes our bodies in bliss."

"An art director's dream, from its subtle its carefully chosen its quality paper and well positioned text...This isn't a book to be read in one sitting...impressive historical, sociological and psychological data backed up by belleslettres outtakes, photos, and true-life experiences. If Barton-Jay prevails, Americans will soon be chanting,' We have met the enema and...' "
-Brandon Judell, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"A treasure, a lovingly produced, funny, exhaustive, erotic, educational, aesthetically pleasing, reassuring, explicit book, put together by one intelligent pervert for the joy and gratification of other intelligent perverts."
-Pat Califia, THE ADVOCATE


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