About David Barton-Jay

A short biographical history.

Born in Philadelphia, reborn in MANhattan, David gave hundreds of erotic enemas to clients from all over the world, an experience leading to the publication of this book, “The Enema As An Erotic Art & Its History”.

It was also where he was arrested for “prostitution” for giving such enemas, butt for which he was exonerated after an exhausting “before the judge” trial.

There was a public book signing at New York City's B. Dalton, just days before the book was noticed by the executives and subsequently banished from the shelves.

In 1985, he was awarded the SPECIAL JUDGES AWARD at the 2nd Annual Hollywood Erotic Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles for his short documentary video on the theme of his book called “MY SECRET”.

He was a contributing author to Alyson Publications’ HOT LIVING: Erotic Stories About Safer Sex, 1985. His writings have also appeared in DRUMMER, MANSCAPE, NUMBERS and PENTHOUSE VARIATIONS.

David signing his erotic book, now considered “A clASSic.” 325 pages, 144 illustrations and photographs.