The Book - Chapter Descriptions

The author's first exposure. His mother and the doctor. Ten illustrations by Zacharelli, commissioned exclusively for this book.

Drawings, letters, memories, and mantras. This chapter contains eighteen rare illustrations and two photographs, one by noted photographer Arthur Tress.

"What is it that makes an enema so exciting?" A psycho/socio overview which includes quotations from the scholarly work of Kinsey, the Kronhausens, Bettelheim, Freud, Hite, Morin, Beiber, Denko, and Money, as well as quotations and the subsequent thoughts from the literature of such authors as Beckett, Vassi, Metalious, Hemingway, Tryon, Kinsolving, Huxley, and others. This chapter, which includes the lyrics from "Enema Bandit," by permission of the late Frank Zappa, also features two full-color cartoons by Skip Williamson, which originally appeared in PLAYBOY.

With an introduction by anthropologist Richard Shapiro, this chapter delves into the practices and mores of many cultures, from primitive to modern-day, and details with more than one hundred historically important illustrations, the oldest known curative measure.

Beginning with the woodcut "Ancient Form of the Clyster", by Van Meale, this chapter features photographic depictions of enemas administered from gourds in the Congo, the blowing in of tobacco smoke enemas, 15th century enemata carved forever into wood and stone, 18th century political satire, and the many amusing references to the enema in the centuries-old plays of Piron, Moliere, and others, all gathered for this volume by "erotologist" C.J. Scheiner, New York. In addition, there are many charming drawings by such artists as Helga Bode, Margit Gaal, and Hata Delphi from the 1920's and 1930's.

THE SOLO ENEMA and DOING INTO OTHERS, Barton-Jay tells you how to do it with over seventy photographs from his own portfolio, some in full color, within more than seventy very detailed pages.

A collection of short "socially valuable vignettes", by Barton-Jay, with promises of more to come in the future.

Dozens of photographs of hundreds of objects of internal pleasure.