Go Between the Covers

Here are some reviews this book has received over the years.

"A treasure, a lovingly produced, funny, exhaustive, erotic, educational, aesthetically pleasing, reassuring, explicit book, put together by one intelligent pervert for the joy and gratification of other intelligent perverts."
- Pat Califia, THE ADVOCATE

"Marvelous book! And I say that even though I don't like enemas."
- John Preston, BAY WINDOWS

"An art director's dream, from its subtle cover...to its carefully chosen illustrations...to its quality paper and well positioned text...this isn't a book to be read in one sitting...impressive historical, sociological and psychological data backed up by belleslettres outtakes, photos, and true-life experiences. If Barton-Jay prevails, Americans will soon be chanting, "we have met the enema and..."
- Brandon Judell, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"David Barton-Jay is one of the purest and gentlest revolutionary eroticists I've ever met, and his funny and thoughtful book is an absolute must for anyone who is at all interested in understanding the pleasure and meaning to be found in this almost universally neglected subject. I can recommend it wholeheartedly for both the curious reader and the impassioned practitioner."
- MarcoVassi

"For anal fetishists, this is an essential artifact; for dabblers, a deluxe introduction into the realm of the senses...handsome...well printed...suitable for tastefully appointed coffee tables."

"The title of course is quite literal but it can't begin to encompass what this book accomplishes...in awe of David Barton-Jay's achievement and recommend it highly... charming (yes, charming!)...he is a good writer."
- Gerry Geddes, TORSO

"...a brand new book that even the vanilla sex set is going to find more fascinating than they might think...provocative, intelligent, and not without a sense of humor concerning a subject that is rarely touched on...an amazing read."

"A most amazing book...classy, tasteful."

"Barton-Jay mines a real mother load of ambisexual curiosa...an elegantly designed opus."

"Deadly serious about enemas as erotic art and sexual practice, Barton-Jay doesn't take himself deadly seriously, however, and scatters plenty of humor throughout this classy package that screams 'good taste'"

"The full-color cartoon of Richard Nixon and his "enemas list" is alone worth the price...Barton-Jay is capable of writing well in several very different styles...splendid illustrations and photographs...the pages sparkle."
- T.R.Witomski

"...my admiration for the superlative quality of your presentation ... exceeded all my expectations."
- G.Legman ( In 1984 The Village Voice said of Mr. Legman, "He is our preeminent scholar of erotica, an encyclopedic authority . . .")

"...Barton-Jay's book has nothing to do with scat...What the book is about is being filled--not in fantasy, as in "Oh-hot-baby-fill-me-with-your-come" (our lovers never have the quarts of come we want to think they have), but rather softly filled with water until the pressure siezes our bodies in bliss."
- Darrell Yates-Rist, CHRISTOPHER STREET

"...A massive compendium...The sheer weight of this volume leaves little doubt as to the author's sincerity."

"Cross-cultural as well as far-ranging in time, Barton-Jay's study underscores the universality of anal eroticism - for men and women, gay and straight. It also explores the dominant/submissive patterns of behavior inherent in much of human sexuality, whether we like to admit it or not. Fortunately, dominant is not equated with male, nor is submissive seen as a synonym for female. Our author recognizes the basic truth that human creatures are far too complex for such a simplistic dichotomy."
- Sid Mitchel, GAY NEWS

"...the most comprehensive look at enemas ever done...a tasteful treatise on a sensitive and, to some, taboo subject."

"...fascinating...artistic and enticing."

"...one of the most incredible books of the decade...This book is so lavishly designed and illustrated, you'll be proud to own it even if you aren't into enemas-- once you read it, you probably will be. As for myself, I can't wait for the movie."
- Thor S., GMSMA New